Shopden's Team


Mikael La Ferla currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He is a student at Rutgers Business School and also works as a Junior Staff Accountant at PMC Property Group, Inc.

Mikael La Ferla is responsible for creating and designing Shopden's wireframes and website, digital marketing (SEO/ASO), and financial recording.

Mikael La Ferla
Mikael La Ferla

Social Media Coordinator

Kristina Shkalenkova currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

She is a student-athlete at Seattle University and is also involved in establishing a Credit Union Bank for Seattle citizens.

Kristina Shkalenkova is responsible for operating and managing Shopden's social media platforms.

Kristina Shkalenkova
Kristina Shkalenkova

Why we created Shopden

We founded Shopden because people's shopping problems must be addressed.

The three most common shopping problems are overspending at stores, forgetting to buy specific items, and miscommunication between shoppers.

We have also experienced the same challenges when shopping individually, with family, and friends.

Using text group chats, Apple's Notes app, Microsoft Excel and other apps do not offer user-friendly list sharing or real-time store information, such as inventory, prices, or store proximity.

Ultimately, we founded Shopden with the goal of creating a comprehensive shopping list app that would make our shopping experiences more convenient, efficient, and budget-friendly.

We hope that Shopden can help you reduce impulse purchases and improve organization during your shopping trips.

Shopden is priced at $3.99/month so that anyone can take control their shopping experience.

Thank you for taking the time to view my website, and we look forward to having you join the Shopden community.

Shopden's Principles


Streamline your shopping process and save time with our time-based notifications.


Stay organized and keep track of your spending by creating and managing lists with your family, friends, or yourself.


Collaborate with others and make shopping a team effort by sharing lists and coordinating purchases.