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Shopden Full Logo - Mikael La Ferla

Shopden is your one-stop app

for shopping lists and budgeting.

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Launch Date: Summer 2024

People with Shopping Lists:

Spend 23% less time

in the store than those who don't

Save between 25-30%

on their monthly grocery spending

Reduce 40%

on their food waste

Shopden fixes that.

Shopden is specifically tailored to people who want a user-friendly solution to tracking their shopping expenses.

Creating and sharing shopping lists within the app ensures everyone is on the same page for grocery and essential shopping.

Users can scan and upload their receipts to Shopden, allowing you to monitor which areas you're spending money in and how much you have left remaining in your budget.

You can also safely connect your banking information, which will automatically categorize and track your spending.

These expense features significantly reduce overspending at stores, specifically minimizing your impulse purchases.

With Shopden, your shopping experience becomes efficient, organized, and budget-friendly, ultimately saving you valuable time and ensuring you make the most of your hard-earned money.

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