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Shopden's Solutions offers accurate location data, geocoding, geofencing, and routing functionalities through the Google Maps Platform.

Mikael La Ferla

8/19/20232 min read

  1. GPS Accuracy Utilize Google Maps Platform. They provide accurate location data, geocoding, geofencing, and routing functionalities. It is well-documented, with extensive developer resources and a user-friendly interface. They offer a generous free usage tier and flexible pricing for higher usage.

  2. Battery Drain Offer power-saving settings that allow users to customize the frequency of location updates.

    1. Geofencing → Only triggers updates when the user enters or exits areas near stores

    2. Use a combination of location providers (GPS, Wi-Fi, cellular) to enhance accuracy while optimizing battery usage

    3. Android's Doze Mode → Avoid unnecessary power usage when the device is idle

    4. Android's Fused Location Provider → Manages location updates, combining various signals for efficient battery use

    5. Option to turn off tracking when not needed

    6. Background Location Limits (iOS)

  3. Privacy Concerns Communicate to users how location data optimizes their shopping experience and that their data stays in the app and will not be shared. Also, provide location permission settings, so users can control when and how the app accesses their location. And even though users wouldn’t be able to enjoy the GPS-based reminders, they will still benefit from the time-based reminders, organized lists, accurate inventory and pricing from stores, and budgeting features.

  4. Too many Notifications Offer users a feature where they can customize their notifications. Here are a few examples:

    1. Set notifications when on the route going to work/home/parent's house/etc.: Since GPS is integrated into the app, when directions are set, the notifications will pop up

    2. Silence notifications in between hours: If you are at work, school, or somewhere you are not able to go shopping, your phone will not remind you to stop at a store

    3. Put notifications on snooze: If you want to receive notifications but do not want to stop at a specific store that pops up, you can "snooze" the store to be reminded of another upcoming store. (Similar to Waze's ad pop-ups)

  5. User Engagement Celect Studios's history of generating a great user experience/interface for their apps is done through its graphics and incentives for users.

  6. Retailers, Retailers, Retailers Fortunately, we have secured multiple APIs from big retailers, which is a great start. Whether we do data scraping or continue finding APIs that bring us inventory/price data, we will be just fine.

  7. Algorithm for Trip OptimizationIn addition to customizing your notifications, the integrated GPS will give real-time alerts of traffic, road closures, and alternative routes. As a result, people's shopping experiences are as efficient as possible.

  8. App Responsiveness In Beta testing, Celect Studios will collect info on which features were well received or not by users.

  9. Regulatory Compliance Since our app only targets adults in the U.S. and asks for permission to have location tracking, we are already in a good position to ensure Shopden follows all laws. Celect Studios also has experience in launching apps on the App Store and Google Play, so they know what regulations these apps must follow.

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