I came up with ten scenarios of how Shopden could fail

Mikael La Ferla

8/19/20231 min read

  1. GPS Accuracy → Shopden would need to give precise locations of all the stores in the user's proximity. If the user is notified that there is a pharmacy at a specific location and there is not, the user will most likely not tolerate the app's inaccuracy.

  2. Battery Drain → Since the app is most effective when the GPS features are on, having this on in the background could affect the device's battery power.

  3. Privacy Concerns → Although many apps nowadays request users to share their location, users will still have the choice to turn this feature on or off.

  4. Synching Data → This app requires complex functions such as shared shopping lists, GPS/time-based notifications, live inventory and prices, and previous purchases. It is necessary to ensure these features can sync between multiple devices simultaneously.

  5. Too many Notifications → Assume someone cannot pick up items while running errands. It would not be enjoyable to keep receiving notifications whenever the user passes a store carrying items on his shopping list(s).

  6. User Engagement → Being the first app offering all these services will take some time to get used to. As a result, the UX/UI needs to be helpful and practical when navigating a brand-new concept.

  7. Retailers, Retailers, Retailers → Of all the scenarios that could go wrong for Shopden, winning over retailers is the most likely. The APIs alone make or break the app and adjust to different data formats these retailers may have.

  8. Algorithm for Trip Optimization → To make the user's trip as productive as possible, the app would need to create shopping trips based on store locations and preferences, items on the list, and traffic conditions. Real-time data processing is essential.

  9. App Responsiveness → Having our target market (ages 25-50) test the app's functionality is vital, as we want to ensure the app is fast, responsible, and capable of handling a large user base.

  10. Regulatory Compliance → Every city and state has different regulations, so it is essential to abide by any laws that are put in place.

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