Discover how Shopden plans to generate revenue through targeted subscriptions while aiming to partner with stores and retailers for enhanced marketing and promotion of inventory, prices, and location proximity.

Mikael La Ferla

9/1/20231 min read

While our goal is to have stores and retailers pay us to market their inventory, prices, and location proximity, Shopden’s two primary revenue sources are from relevant advertisements and subscriptions.

In our early stages, we won’t be charging stores and retailers to incorporate their real-time inventory/price information. We must have a strong base of users and be profitable.

Relevant advertisements mean that users will only receive advertisements for the items they purchase the most from the stores they shop most frequently at. For example, if a user regularly buys milk from Walgreens but never buys tissues from CVS, the only advertisements the user will receive are offers/discounts on milk from Walgreens. The user will never receive offers/discounts on tissues from CVS (unless they begin regularly buying tissues there).

If a user is interested in using all of Shopden’s features, there is a 30-day free trial for the “Premium Subscription.” If satisfied with their experience, the user can pay $3.99 monthly to keep using all its features. Third-party payment option (Stripe) will be integrated into the platform for the users.

By adopting this strategy, Shopden secures a reliable income source while enabling stores to tap into its functionalities to enhance customer engagement, execute precise promotions, and optimize operational efficiency. This approach aligns perfectly with stores’ business goals, enhancing their prominence within the shopping ecosystem.

We also offer a “Freemium Model.”

  • Contains all of Shopden’s features except limited:

    • Expense tracking

    • Receipt storage

    • Customization of Ads

    • No access to referral bonus program

Shopden's Monetization Strategy