Disorganized Shopping Lists, Overspending at Stores, and Shopping Miscommunication? Shopden is for you.

Mikael La Ferla

8/20/20231 min read

Shopden is primarily intended for people who are (or want to be) organized in their shopping trips. Three of the most common shopping problems are:

  • Disorganized Shopping Lists

  • Overspending at Stores

  • Miscommunication Between Buyers

Shopden’s general target audience would primarily include:

  • Families and RoommatesFamily members/Roommates can collaborate on creating and managing shopping lists for grocery shopping, household supplies, and more. These shared lists illustrate how much is spent on each item, and these users can track what has or hasn’t been bought, avoiding duplicate purchases.

  • Event PlannersEvent Planners can customize their lists according to their events, such as birthday parties, graduation parties, or general gatherings. Real-time store prices and inventory allow event planners to purchase their necessities conveniently.

  • Any Budget-Conscious ConsumerAny individual who wishes to prioritize their budgeting and expense goals also benefits from using Shopden.

The specific demographics for each of these consumers are:

  • Located in urban and suburban areas with access to multiple retail stores, as they will benefit the most from location-based features.

Shopden comes out next spring! You can download on either the App Store or Google Play Store!

Shopden's Target Audience